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Девушка улыбается - Sputnik Lietuva
Merginos "Plus Size" jau senai nustojo gėdytis savo formų ir drąsiai užkariauja podiumą bei dalinasi nuotraukomis socialiniuose tinkluose

VILNIUS, gegužės 6 — Sputnik. Proporcijos 90-60-90 atgyveno. Gražios, sveikos, o svarbiausia — laimingos merginos sėkmingai demaskuoja mitus apie išskirtinį liesų merginų patrauklumą.

Publikuojant nuotraukas su žyme #everybodyisbeautiful ir #bodypositive merginos organizavo judėjimą, sujungusį visas apkūnias merginas socialiniuose tinkluose.

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BTS from my @si_swimsuit shoot in #Fiji

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For most of my life I always had the attitude of 'once I've lost weight then…' And not only did it lead me to be physically unhealthy, my mental health suffered dramatically for it. But for me and a lot of other women it's not just about being skinny anymore, beauty standards are as fickle as fashion and even fat bodies are expected to look a certain way. I have had so many people hide behind the false attitude of body positivity, yet say it's because I have an 'attractive and sought after shape' and I'm calling out your bullshit. A lot of people feel disgusted by how I look and I'm fully aware of that, and the same goes for very thin women or anyone who falls outside of the 'attractive norm', it even happens to women who have small butts or muscles. My dream is to wake everyone up to see how beautiful it is that people look different, and that diversity makes life interesting. The fact that you don't want to fuck someone who looks a certain way has no place in body positivity.

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Curved & edged. Love the skin you're in because it's yours. @aerie @neda #everyBODYisbeautiful #TheRealYouIsSexy

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